House of Prayer and Place of Healing

We like to say, “We are a house of prayer and place of healing.” People are welcomed to come up for prayer at every service. Over the years we have heard many testimonies of people receiving their healing. I remember an older lady years ago who told us, “I woke up with a terrible pain in my back, and I heard these words inside ‘if you go to church this morning, I will heal you.’” At the end of our Sunday morning service she gave this testimony. “As I sat in my chair, I could feel warmth come upon my back. I was healed. I have no pain.” I like that testimony. God gets all the glory!

On Thursday mornings we have Bible study and prayer afterward. Norma Smith leads this prayer group. We pray for people of the church and the needs they have.  This often includes family members who are not saved and do not attend church. We also pray for our government and the leaders. More recently we have been connected with business leaders that we pray for. It is fun to hear the testimonies of the increase they have seen in their business. 

Children’s Ministry

“We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord.  His power and the wonders He has done … So, the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born, and they, in turn would tell their children, that they would put their trust in God.”
Psalm 78

The children at Charis Christian Fellowship are our most precious treasure. Our children in Children’s Church at Charis are taught about our Lord and Savior and the work that is done with the “New Birth.” They are given an understanding of the New Covenant as it was given to Paul by the Lord Jesus. They will learn how God dealt with mankind through His chosen leaders, Adam, Noah, Abraham, His Son, Jesus, and the New Covenant Apostle, Paul.

The Gospel of the Body of Christ was made so simple that even the little children can understand when they are taught.


Midwest Mission Bible Training Center

This Mission Home in Iowa is what I would call, “God’s way of ministering to those involved in addictions.” Here they learn that God’s way works. A number of other ministries also support them.

We are involved with the Mission in two ways. First, we take up an offering for the Mission. We buy food and other items to fulfill the needs of the people at the Mission. Some church members bring food, and clothes, and Bibles.  We hand out the Bibles to new residents at the Mission.

Second, we minister to the residents. It’s much like a church service starting with worship, and then we minister the Word of God to the people.

Many times, during and after the service, we pray with the people. Often people come up crying because their heart was touched by God’s Word. We have seen many people healed and set free during these times. The success rate of people attending the Mission (an eight-month program) is over 85%.

Mission Trips

One of the best times I have had was going on a mission trip to Acuna, Mexico with missionaries from North Carolina. With this group, I experienced the heart of true missionaries. From handing out food, clothes, children’s school supplies, visiting orphanages and nursing homes, the love of God could be seen. I was asked to speak to the prisoners at the Acuna State Prison. What a joy it was to preach a short message and watch more than 150 men come forward to give their lives to Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

I was also asked to speak at a small church filled with men, women and children. It was revival like I have heard about but never seen before. Almost everyone came forward for prayer. People were healed and set free. I am hoping that as a church we can be more involved with this missionary group.

Love People

I love this ministry and the people we minister to.

I often tell people,

“Ministry involves loving people.

If we love the people, God’s love will flow through us setting people free.”

Sharing Charis